Mil-Spec Universal Race Fuse/Relay Box
Mil-Spec Universal Race Fuse/Relay Box

PRICE: $450.00


Add Rywire Switch Panel:

This Universal Race Fuse/Relay Box is the prefect solution for any race car running the engine only. This harness comes with 5 relays and fuses to easily get our rywire harnesses to run in any car. Comes with 4 pin DTP connector for fuel pump, Fan, Spare output and switched output.

This product was designed for the Rywire B/D/H series harnesses
(not K engine harnesses or 13B), please reach out to us if you have a different harness than what is listed above. We can sell this product with engine harness pin-out, and connector mate, so integrating to any engine harness will be trouble free. If you are using our AEM Infinity harness lineup, or any of our S2000, 2JZ, or any other Rywire harnesses, just drop us an email for details, we can make the adjustments.

Easy to install simply run wires out to fan and Fuel pump power, and ignition switch and start it up! This product works perfectly with a Switch Panel system. Easy plugin and go. http://www.rywire.com/product-p/ry-switch-6.htm

Auxiliary relay can be used for electric water pump, lighting, etc, etc.

This product is a perfect match with our SWITCH PANEL: Rywire Mil-Spec Switch Panel

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