HP8442 Powerbox
HP8442 Powerbox

PRICE: $1,750.00


Powerbox is a power unit that makes fuses and relays unnecessary in your car.
The Powerbox replaces conventional fuses and relays, instead all power is controlled by this device.
Just type in the "fuse" size on each channel, link the input to an output function and you are ready to go.

We have made more features in the HP8442 compared with HP8441; it´s the following:
- Output 6 & 14 has a wiper parking function, this means that the wiper motor will be grounded on these pins when both of them are not active, resulting the Wiper motor to stop.
- We have made a Ignition Input, and a fused 0.5A output. It's then possible to put the HP8442 on Sleep mode with a Current consumption of only a few Micro Ampere.

The HP8442 is physically the same as the existing HP8441 but the following improvements have been made:

  • HP8442 – 12 inputs + or GND controlled – Ignition pin changed to a normal input –4 of them can Analog / PWM Input
  • HP8442 - 23 High Power outputs, double pins don’t exist anymore, Double pin or triple pin can be set in the software, making it more flexible, outputs can be negative too. Current reading is now calibrated in 6 levels and much better.
  • HP8442 – 16 Low power outputs – same
  • PWM – HP8442 7 Outputs can be PWM – Freq from 10-2Khz - Standard.
  • CAN Termination: HP8442 - Can be set in the software
  • Flashing: Only USB Connection is needed, no need for a power supply. USB has been improved, reading/writing time is no more then a few seconds, before it was much slower.
  • Error Log: More detailed, also with time stamp now.
General info:
CPU – Same as HP8441
Currents used now are as low as 2mA on standby mode, that’s the reason why we removed the ignition pin.
Also now we can detect open wire on all outputs, general window shows more status on inputs, virtual and sequence.
In power down mode outputs can be set off or keep the state.

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