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Please visit the product spec page and download the Product Datasheet, it explains a lot.

PRICE: $2,350.00



"The simplest way to distribute electric power."

The HP8440 Powerbox is a power-unit that makes fuses and relays unnecessary in your race car. The Powerbox replaces conventional fuses and relays, instead all power is controlled by this device. Just type in the "fuse" size on each channel, link the input to an output function and you are ready to go.

The Box has a user freindly CAN interface, this makes it possible to link to other devices such as Computer, Switch Panel, Dash board, this feature makes the outputs to be operated automatically example - when you crank the engine the fuel pump starts, when engine is running the power-steering starts automatically.

CAN Values and status of channels can also be sendt out on the CAN system, this could be for logging purpose or for switching on LED's on the switch-panel, sending messages to the Dash, ect...
The Powerbox has also some flash functions, making external relays for indicator unnecessary.

HP has more than 1100 units in race cars worldwide, making life simpler for mechanics.
The many wins we have made with our client's tell it's own story.

Also in case of an accident, the box proves its skill at minimizing the risk of fire.
Who doesn't remember the Audi LMP1 Crash in LeMans 2012 with McNish & the Ferrari 458!
There was no fire, no smoke, all electric was shut down within 1/1000 of a second!
Again, our Powerbox made it safer for the driver, and minimized the chance for fire. Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Pagani and other manufacturers has chosen it - so its proven technology.

Please visit the product spec page and download the Product Datasheet, it explains a lot.

Also keep in mind - our software is free - download it, get our own configuration files and try to understand this fantastic unit.

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