Motec Cam/Crank Trigger Hall Sensor MHALL 437
Motec Cam/Crank Trigger Hall Sensor MHALL 437

PRICE: $215.00


Description Instructions
M MHALL 437 Sensor

Hall sensors contain a semiconductor Hall effect integrated circuit (IC) and a magnet. There are Hall sensor types available that can be used with a tooth (gear) style trigger wheel for measuring crank angle or wheel speed, and types that use a vaned rotor passing through a Hall sensor gap.

The IC detects changes in the field strength as the vane passes through the sensor gap or a tooth passes the sensor tip. The output voltage changes from low to high (or high to low) when the leading edge of the tooth passes the center of the sensor.

Crank/Cam, magnet operated

NOTE: This sensor is ideally used for cam or crank trigger, for systems using magnets as reference.

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