Fuel Rail Kit (Universal)

Fuel Rail


The K-Tuned multi-port fuel rail is by far the best looking rail on the market.

PRICE: $159.99


The K-Tuned multi-port fuel rail is by far the best looking rail on the market. Using positive customer feedback and the demand to expand our fuel system parts line-up we have added a center port to our popular K-series fuel rail.

With many years of R&D and racing history we have designed this third port to be used for multiple purposes:

1) Now included with our fuel rail is a specially designed fitting that can be used to mount the OEM damper in the factory location. Many of us remove the factory rail and the pressure damper without knowing its purpose. It is actually on the rail for a reason. The purpose of the stock fuel pressure damper is to dampen the minor fuel pressure fluctuations that are caused by the pulsing of the fuel injectors. This is known to cause small air bubbles in the rail, which can starve the injector. The pulsation damper acts as an accumulator to smooth out these pulsations, ensuring more accurate and constant fuel pressure.

2) Our optional 6AN or 8AN center port fitting can also be used as the fuel feed on stock or all motor engine set-ups to hide or “tuck” the line for the very popular stealth look. Our racing experience with turbo cars, has taught us to never starve a rail on a boosted car. A common high HP setup will use a dual-feed system on both ends of the rail, with a center return.

Key Features:
CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum Fully anodized in black or silver 12.5mm (0.50”) bore diameter 8AN inlet/outlet ports Supports 1000+ whp Compatible with stock and aftermarket injectors

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