BTI 5" Display
BTI 5" Display

PRICE: $695.00



This BTI Dash display is configured for the AEM NET and the Infinity Computer's compatibility. Ask us about the 7" version, and other computer connection options!

The BTI Dash is available with either a 5" and a 7" touch screen and includes a plug and play harness with additional inputs for turn signals, programmable fuel level input, high beams, and brake light input.

As with all other BTI products, the BTI Dash utilizes a programmable shift light array that is programmable by gear and the Dash adds a pre-shift light array that fades in as the shift light set point is approached. There is also an auto dimmer feature that may be disabled. The BTI Dash does have two dedicated outputs for boost and slip control as well as two additional outputs that are undefined and may be used for other features like a line lock or AWD engagement.

There are a hand full of per-programmed screens as well as warning screens which may be disabled as well.

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