AEM EV Combined Charging Unit
AEM EV Combined Charging Unit

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PRICE: $2,673.95

ID: AEM_30-8405

The AEM EV Combined Charging Unit (CCU) combines both an On-Board Charger (OBC) and a DC-DC Converter (DCDC). The OBC charges the HV Battery Pack by taking 120v or 240v AC energy from the grid, converting it to high voltage DC and charging the high voltage battery in the vehicle. The DC-DC converter takes the high voltage from the battery pack and converts it to low voltage to maintain the charge in the vehicles 12V battery. The DC-DC converter performs the duties that the alternator does in an ICE vehicle. The CCU is fully controlled by the VCU via the CAN bus and the OBC and DC-DC report voltage, current and status information back to the VCU. Combining the functions of an OBC and a DC-DC converter into a single module simplifies the EV drive system. The AEM EV CCU is very compact and lightweight, while offering high efficiency, stable charging, long life, high protection level, and high reliability. The AEM CCU is 100% driven via CAN by the VCU in conjunction with the BMS-18, and is not directly controlled by the charge plug connector or the off vehicle EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment).


  • 6.6kw (32 amps) on board charger + 2.5kw DC-DC converter
  • 350Vdc nominal output and up to 450Vdc max
  • Plug-and-play with AEM's EV controls
  • Liquid cooled and temperature controlled for efficient thermal management
  • Lightweight (5.5kg, ~12 pounds) comparable units are typically 18-24 pounds
  • Compact design (275mm x 202mm x 68mm =3.8L volume) - 2.5x to 3x smaller than comparable units
  • The HV battery charger is rated at 93.5% efficiency at full load
  • The DCDC LV output is rated at 91.5% efficiency at full load with a max continuous DCDC output of 178A @ 14V
  • The CCU has the following protection functions:
  • Input over and under voltage protection
  • High voltage output over and under voltage protection
  • High and low voltage output short circuit protection
  • Over temperature protection

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