Nuke - Fuel Pressure Regulator
Nuke - Fuel Pressure Regulator

PRICE: $345.00

ID: NUKE-300-01-201

Specially developed for extreme power output, maintaining steady flow even over 1000HP.
Often used in combination with our fuelrail to achieve one of the best results in high power outputs on the market.
For use on turbo-charged, super-charged and Naturally aspirated engine applications.

Fast response rate. Provides stable fuel delivery for the most demanding requirements.

Fluoro nitrile diaphragm Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol.
Nuke Regulator maintain steady fuel delivery during dramatic changes in fuel demand.

Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.
Hardened steel ball and replaceable steel seat.

The Mounting Bracket gives a Tight and Safe Mounting of the Regulator.
The Brackets is Stainless Steel for a long lasting, corrosion-free appearance.

Technical information
  • CNC macufactured from aluminium alloy 6082.
  • Fully adjustable from 35 psi to 90 psi.
  • Diaphragm fabricated from an elastomer material resistant against petrol and ethanol.
  • Delivered with one dash 8, one dash 6, one plug and stainless steel brackets.

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