Aircooled Infinity 506 Mil-spec Engine Harness
Aircooled Infinity 506 Mil-spec Engine Harness

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The Rywire AEM Infinity 506 harness is a universal, fully populated race loom that incorporates all the essential functionality of the Air-cooled 911 to the modern day electrical system.

Pre-terminated for:

COMPUTER AEM Infinity 506 (AEM Part 30-7106)

Lambda/ Uego Bosch 4.2LSU Wideband O2 sensor

AIR TEMP AEM (AEM Part 30-2014)

Fuel Pressure AEM (AEM Part 30-2130-100)

Oil Pressure AEM (AEM Part 30-2130-150)

Manifold Pressure (MAP) AEM (AEM Part 30-2130-50 or 30-2130-75)

Throttle Position (TPS) Aftermarket Flying lead

Head Temp Sensor (ECT) Aftermarket EV1 connection

Speed Sensor (VSS Hydro) Factory Flying lead

Reverse Lights Factory

Starter Trigger Factory

Coils Denso (Smart Coils) Coil-over-plug

Ground Ring Terminals for Coils and Computer Factory

Alternator/Generator Factory ring terminal

Injectors EV1,EV14,Nippon, and others. We recommend Injector Dynamics ID 1050X

  • Infinity 506 - Up to 6 Low or High Impedance Injectors

FLEX FUEL capable Rywire (Rywire flex fuel kit )

AUX expansion (Contains power, 5V, sen ground, and 3 AV inputs)

Trigger (CAM/CRANK) 60-2 Hall crank wheel with single Hall Cam trigger

CAN BUS connectivity
AEM NET (connects devices such as loggers, dashes, and gauges)

Our AEM Infinity engine harness is designed to accept:
-The Clewett Cam and Crank trigger kits.

Chassis adapter options


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