HP8451 Analog to CAN Module
HP8441 Powerbox - Fuseless & Relayless power distribution

PRICE: $249.00

ID: HP-CAN-8451


HP8451V5 Analog to CAN module - OEM

HP8451V5 is a OEM Module, made for as a raw board for building in box or in the clients own box.

Configuration examples:
Steering Wheel - Buttons on Steeringwheel to CAN
Sensors, Fuel Pressure, Brake Pressure to CAN
Damper Pots input to CAN
Voltage Converter to CAN
General Sensor inputs to CAN
And a lot more.

The module Size is only 25x25mm

Technical Specification:
Supply voltage 10-16V DC
+ 5V output for reference voltage
Gnd Pin for reference voltage
4 x 0-5V 10 Bit Analog input (1023 steps)
2 x 0-15v 10 Bit Analog input (1023 Steps)
CAN Speed is 1Mbit / 500Kbit - selectable via PC software.
CAN Standard (11Bit) & Extended (29Bit)
CAN ID = selectable via PC Software
CAN Termination resistor build in on board
CAN Chip on Board

Please see Technical Specification for more info.

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