Rywire IGBT (AEM/IGN-1A) Coil Sub-harness
Rywire IGBT (AEM/IGN-1A) Coil Sub-harness

PRICE: $425.00


This Rywire coil sub-harness is made for 4 cylinder or 2 rotor engines using the IGBT 5 wire "smart" (AEM/IGN-1A) coils. Will plug directly into our Adaptronic harness for the 2 rotor rotary (13B) engines.

This sub-harness is designed specifically with the 2 rotor engine in mind, it offers two 50A relays (1 relay for each rotor), 16awg tefzel power wires for each coil, separate grounds for each rotor (leading and trailing).

When using this harness with a 4 cylinder engine, simply ground both ring terminals to the engine's head. Wire signal wires into ECU/EMS using mating 8 position Deutsch connector.

Connectors labeled L1, T1, L2, T2 Set up for leading and trailing, but can be used in a 1,2,3,4 format easily.

-HD Busman relay/fuse box
-100A relay protection
-Independent fused links
-Tefzel wire
-Raychem heatshrink tubing
-Proper wire sizes for rotary multi-spark engines

Wiring information for standalone ECU/EMS or Ignition Driver:

Brown - Coil 1
Red - Coil 2
Blue - Coil 3
Yellow - Coil 4
Black - Ground
Yellow/Black - Ignition Switch Power

Stud to battery +

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