Universal Chassis Harness W/PDM System
Universal Chassis Harness W/PDM System

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This is the perfect solution for all your chassis harness needs. Our state of the art system includes:
1) Power Distribution Unit. Our solid state fuse-less system is a fully configurable 12 output systems.

2) Chassis Wiring Harness. Utilizing Deutsch connector systems.

3) Optional Switch Panel. 6 switch system with mounting plate. ($100 extra when ordered with system)

4) Wiring installation instruction pin-out with color and wiring schematic.

Pre-configured on this system is the following (Outputs can be re-assigned by user).

OUTPUTS (15amp):
-H20 Pump
-Right and Left Indicators
-Brake lights
-Fuel Pumps (2 outputs)
-Fans (2 outputs)
-Headlights and Taillights

INPUTS (hi or low activation):
-Master switch
-Fan switch
-Starter switch
-Brake light switch
-Headlight switch
-Fuel pump switch
-H20 pump switch
-Indicators switch

Also on board - included wires for:
-fuel level sender
-reverse lights
-fault indicator
-speed sensor
-charge warning
-ecu malfunction indication lamp
-low oil warning lamp
-tachometer signal
-ecu service check signal
-water gauge
-battery supply wire (to master disconnect)
-ecu memory power

PDM Specs:
-12 15amp Outputs, 10 switched inputs
-100amp max
-programmable outputs with easy to use software
-on board data logging for total and individual current draw
-compact case size 4.9"X4.4"X1.3"
-System weight ~4lbs

Harness specs:
-Harness is constructed with Tefzel wire
-Deutsch and AMP connectors for quality connections
-Easily expanded and adapted to fit different style chassis
-Made to plug into different Rywire engine harnesses, as well as used universally.
-Color coded wires make wiring into any chassis easy.
-Constructed with quality split sleeve wire loom allows you to re-direct circuits cleanly and easily.
-Pre-programmed and pre-assigned so no need to learn complicated logic.

Questions and Answers

Q: Is this for a street car?
A: Not really, this harness is a extremely stripped down system, not to be used with creature comforts found in a street driven, daily driver.

Q: Does this harness have AC
A: Easy answer is NO. There is no pre-wired circuits for AC.

Q: Can this harness run my power windows?
A: It can POWER your power windows, but it is not pre-wired for them. We recommend running the power windows to a fused constant power source and keeping them off the Rywire harness.

Q: Can this harness power another pump or device?
A: Yes, this harness has 12, 15Amp outputs. For example, if you only need 1 Fan, or Fuel pump, you can for example borrow that channel to power what you need. The harness is loomed with a split braid for this reason, we assume the user will re-direct some circuits.

Software can be found here: PDM Software

Checkered Sports PDM12 Mount: PDM12 Mount

We recommend to use 175A circuit breaker as a kill switch. Can be found here: 175A Circuit Breaker

Rywire P12 setup and Installation

Water Resistant Threaded Mini USB Comms Cable Mechanical Products 175A Circuit Breaker Checkered Sports P12 PDM Mount
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PRICE: $50.00

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Water Resistant Threaded Mini USB Comms Cable Mechanical Products 175A Circuit Breaker Checkered Sports P12 PDM Mount

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