AEM Coil-On-Plug Conversion Kit
AEM Coil-On-Plug Conversion Kit

PRICE: $850.00

ID: AEM-30-2860

AEM’s B-Series Coil-On-Plug (COP) Conversion Kit eliminates both the known performance issues common to the B-series engine’s factory igniter and the need to replace your aging cap/rotor/wire assembly. It delivers outstanding coil-on-plug performance for stock to moderately modified engines at an affordable price because you do not need to add a capacitive discharge ignition module to make this conversion.
AEM’s COP B-series Conversion Kit is the perfect ignition upgrade for naturally-aspirated or boosted B-Series engines that do not exceed 15 PSI of boost. It is highly affordable as it does not require the integration of a CDI module. For the weekend racer or performance enthusiast, it eliminates the dwell issues common to the factory distributor as RPM increases by providing an individual coil for each cylinder.
If your B-Series engine is stock or mildly modified, why replace factory components when you can upgrade to an affordable, premium NO MAINTENANCE coil-on-plug ignition system? It is commonly known that the factory igniter on the B-Series engine is prone to failure. Further, as distributors age timing signal quality can decrease and lead to poor engine performance.
AEM’s B-Series COP Conversion Kit eliminates energy losses associated with a deteriorated cap/rotor/wire assembly and includes an igniter that has been tested under the most rigorous conditions we could conceive—run at over 10,000 RPM for over 24 hours with a dwell time that was advanced almost 50% of the way past current saturation (3.2mS versus 2.2mS)—and it did not fail.
AEM’s COP B-Series Conversion Kit is ideal for use with the AEM EMS and most aftermarket ECUs, and includes instructions for easy wire routing. It also allows for individual ignition trim tuning via a programmable EMS.
The COP B-Series Conversion Kit includes AEM’s Engine Position Module to deliver a reliable timing pattern for the AEM EMS or other aftermarket EMS, a 4-Channel Coil Driver that drives 2-wire “dumb” coils, AEM’s CDI Pencil Coils, a Motorsports-grade harness and connectors and a plug & play wiring harness that is labeled and silk-screened for simple installation.
Delivers outstanding coil-on-plug performance without the added cost of a CDI!
Upgrade to a ‘No Maintenance” ignition system! Eliminates all known factory ignition system issues
Ideal for B-Series engines from naturally aspirated to boosted versions that do not exceed 15 PSI
A complete COP conversion system with comprehensive instructions and design that eases installation
For use with most programmable engine management systems
Instructions included with easy hook up reference for AEM EMS or common aftermarket ECUs
Plug & Play wiring harness is labeled and stamped for easy wire identification and installation
Eliminates factory igniter with ‘bulletproof’ AEM 4-Channel Coil Driver for driving 2-wire individual ‘dumb’ coils
Includes AEM CDI Pencil coils
Includes AEM Engine Position Module to deliver a reliable timing pattern to the AEM EMS or aftermarket ECU
Motorsports-grade harness
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